Second opinion in heart diseases for individual users are priced at just 30 USD till 31st March 2022. For bulk reporting please contact at
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At we provide online opinions for complex heart diseases and provide reporting of all cardiac investigations. The platform is being run by Board certified cardiologist in India. We provide same day reporting for ECG, adult ECHO, Pediatric ECHO, Holter monitor, Stress ECHO, Treadmill test and Carotid Dopplers.

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Words are few to thank and show my gratitude towards Dr Sukhvinder Singh. His timely telecardiology advice at each and very step helped me to survive Postpartum Cardiomyopathy with 15 % EF (Cardiac Failure) and helped me to acheive an EF level of 55%. Now I am totally fit and all the credit goes to him.



Platform for second opinion and review needs in cardiology

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